Sonar Limited

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Inner Workings

Sonar is first and foremost a qualitative market research provider. We also collaborate with other expert researchers via a HUB model so that teams can be designed around a client’s requirements.

Sonar can design a high calibre project team to tackle any business issue. The difference is you deal directly with senior-level specialists who handle all aspects of your project. We don’t use inexperienced juniors.

Some of our 'rules of engagement':

  • We believe in being objective & open to discovery.
  • We at all times keep personal opinion clearly separate from research findings.
  • We trust intuition and natural research skills over & above tools and templates.
  • We respond quickly & appropriately to any research need or change in situation.
  • We treat others the way we would want to be treated.
  • We are concerned for the needs of our clients, but also for the rights of our research participants.
Company Workings

“If you want the best people working on your research, you will appreciate dealing with Sonar."
Grant Storry