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The Process

Sonar believes in research that is ‘high touch’. The rationale is simple; the more removed you are from people you want to understand, the less effective you are in understanding how they think, feel & behave! We use technology to enhance our work, not to replace proven qualitative philosophies, tools, and approaches.

With Sonar, you only deal with experienced experts. This means we can offer two modes of operation; accelerate and navigate.


Sometimes you need fast results. But they need to be accurate! By only dealing with senior experts, you can speed up the process and get to the key insight quickly - yet have faith in the outputs!


Sometimes you need a ‘deep dive’ into a topic. By trusting experienced experts to explore and analyse from multiple angles & points of view, you can embark on a real journey of discovery!

Typical Research Services

  • User experience (UX) studies.
  • Customer journey mapping.
  • Accompanied shopping safaris.
  • Shopper intercepting / observation.
  • Usage & attitude studies.
  • Depth interviewing.
  • Focus groups.
  • Ethnography.
  • Online blogging / diaries.

Other Services

  • Freelance research services & support.
  • Coaching & training in qualitative research methods.
  • Re-interpretation of research reports.
  • Workshop facilitation.
  • Peer support & review.
  • Recruitment / venue co-ordination.
  • Customer consultation services.